If you have been following the news in the last two months, you’d have noticed a lot of discussion on Bitcoin’s sudden stellar rise. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) went from USD 13,000 to USD 41,000 in just three months! That is a 170% increase in three short months.

What better sales pitch than this, it has an overdose of becoming rich, easy money, quick money, no risk, getting rich overnight, winning a lottery.

This article is not against crypto currencies, blockchain or digital currencies. …

Yancy Min

Companies love numbers. They love to boast about their numbers and are constantly developing ways to measure even the most mundane things ranging from daily employee coffee intake to smoke breaks. But the one thing companies have tried and failed to measure is developer productivity.

Many have tried, but few have succeeded in creating the right metrics for developer productivity. It all boils down to the abstract nature of the field. Non-technical stakeholders love to use this refrain:

“You cannot manage something if you can’t measure it”.

But how accurate is this when it comes to developer productivity?

Attempts have…

Desktops are great, love them. They don’t burn your lap like a laptop and very ergonomic to use when you use it with a monitor.

Beware of the costs when buying a Desktop, unlike a laptop, it doesn’t come with all accessories such as bluetooth, wifi etc, which you assume are like mandatory equipments.

Here is my breakdown of a Desktop computer in Singapore.

Photo by Howard Bouchevereau on Unsplash

Basic Cost of CPU : 900 SGD, this includes the following config

  1. Processor — AMD Ryzen 3, Quad Core
  2. 16 GB RAM
  3. ASUS Prime Motherboard
  4. Cabinet (the black box where everything goes in)
  5. 265 GB SSD…

The covid crisis and related idle cycles in brain left me to give a deep thought about weight loss and the concept of mind & body.

Photo by Laurenz Kleinheider on Unsplash

The inception to the deeper thought process started with hitting a wall with my weight loss plan. I was on a low carb — low calorie diet, having 1200 calories per day and had lost 14 kgs in a span of 4 months. I wanted this badly.

The low carb diet took a toll on my physical activity and reached a point where body was beginning to stall. …

15 things I wish I knew about securing my AWS account

Good for intermediate level AWS users, going beyond the standard suggestions, note on conformance packs and aws config rules for MFA was good.

Application integration patterns for microservices

One of the implications of applying the microservices architectural style is that a lot of communication between components is done over the network. To achieve the promises of microservices, this communication needs to happen in a loosely coupled manner. In this session, learn fundamental application integration patterns based on messaging and connect them to real-world use cases in a microservices scenario. …

AWS has released a detailed account of the incident that took down three critical AWS services. It was so detailed that I had to read it multiple times to create a mental map of the systems, what they did and understand the sequence of events.

A non-tech story will be along the lines of, in the world of Kinesis, there are dispatcher (the are important and do the work of allocating work to a fleet of workers) and workers (do the actual work), Dispatchers are chatty and would like to keep of tab of fellow dispatchers and some shared lay…

Photo by panumas nikhomkhai from Pexels

AWS has a new Savings Plan that is pitched for Savings Costs for folks who don’t want to make an upfront cost commitment on their infrastructure. Here is our suggestion on what approach you should take in order to pick the right cost-saving option for REAL cost savings in Amazon Web Services.

Reserved Instances or RI

This the most appealing offer that novice cloud enthusiasts go for and the only option that was available before Savings Plan came in (don’t rush to your DevOps folks and penalize them for picking this !). There are three sub-options available. We will only be talking about the…

There is always a first time and loads of questions that seems not be answered by Google. Some one has to pen it down, who else if not you. My way of contributing back to the knowledge pool. Below was our experience on Royal Caribbean cruise for 5 Days (Singapore — Klang — Penang — Phuket — Singapore)

Booking and Deals

You have cruise ticket by now, I am not going into how to buy the best deal ticket in detail, these are covered by a lot of videos and blogs. …

Photo by Taylor Vick on Unsplash

BANKS are finally moving to the cloud — a sign that the finance industry could at long last be turning the corner. The cloud corner, that is.

For years, banks and financial institutions have been nervous about working in the cloud, where they will need to move their processes, services and sensitive information from their typical onsite data centres to the omnipresent Internet. Banks would cite security concerns and risks associated with migrating from their localised data storage structure.

Today, banks no longer fear this concept of the cloud as they did in the past. A big motivation behind that…

Current state of Big Data Analytics

We have successfully navigated the hype curve and currently cruising at reality. Big Data and Analytics is being applied predominantly in Marketing, Sales and gaining operational efficiency. We are seeing Big Data being affordable, gone are the days where only big enterprises could leverage Big Data to cloud providers solving the data aggregation, transformation and enrichment for a niche segment. There are insights being discovered on a daily basis and hypothesis being validate before investing on a certain path.

Big Data and Financial Services

Banking has been using Big Data Analytics in narrow use cases such as fraud prevention by analysing spending patterns and ATM…


Elango has held several senior positions in Big Banks and Startups. He likes sharing about tech and explaining tech to people who are new to it.

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